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Painted Hands

Now Operating as:
Bright Minds Academy & Preschool

Our center's year round program  aims to foster the global development of all children by taking preventive action to meet their needs. Our program provides everyone with equal opportunities to develop in different areas so that they are able to learn and be successful throughout their lives. Preschool education gives children a chance to learn, understand and become familiar with the school environment, to believe in their own abilities and to develop the competencies they will need to facilitate their transition to school. Children come with experiences that vary according to their personal characteristics, family background and sociocultural background. It is therefore important to take each child's specific situation into account and build on the strengths encountered in each area of development. 

Our program is designed to help ensure quality educational services. It provides avenues through which to observe the children to offer challenges adapted to their interests, needs and abilities, enriching their experiences and providing an environment and activities that will help them develop their full potential. 


With the intention of promoting success, our mission is as follows: 


To foster the global development of all children:


  • Provide a reassuring, welcoming and inclusive environment

  • Cultivate enjoyment through exploration, discovery and learning

  • Lay the foundations for future schooling


To take preventative action:


  • Provide universal prevention activities

  • Provide targeted prevention activities

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About Point Steep Tutoring

Led by 20+ years experience in early childhood education, Point Steep Tutoring in Weston, Florida offers PreK, K and 1st grade level programs for ages 3-6 and camp for ages 3-12.

  • PreK, K and 1st Grade Level Learning Coach Programs

  • Tutoring

  • Parent & Child Classes

  • Kid's Day Off

  • Parent's Night Out

  • Soccer Class Tuesdays

  • Art Class Thursdays

  • Winter Camp

  • Spring Camp

  • Summer Camp

  • Full or Partial Week

  • Full or Partial Day

  • Early Drop Off Up

  • Late Pick Up

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